Neighbourhood Renewal will start in Spruce Avenue in Spring 2018, bringing with it the opportunity for Decorative Street Lighting.

The Spruce Avenue Community League supports Decorative Street Lightning because:

  • As opposed to the current standard galvanized street lights, decorative street lights have features that include colour, pole styles, and pole arm types.
  • It is an inexpensive, lasting way to beautify our neighbourhood.
  • It demonstrates pride and community engagement.
  • It is an opportunity to acknowledge our history and display heritage street names at no extra cost. Decorative street lighting presents the option for decorative street blades that include the historical street names (in addition to numerical name). Did you know that 112 ave was once called Spruce Avenue?

In Spruce Avenue, the type of decorative streetlight for consideration is the heritage style, black, with octagonal base.   This was determined via a community engagement survey taken at the SACL Open House in October, 2016.

Cost to Homeowner

Determined by the size of your lot, not by the number of streetlights near your home:

$10.62/m if paid lump sum, and $0.92/m if amortized over 15 years.


A 44′ lot: $12.45/year ($1.04/month) or $143.77 paid outright.

A 50’ lot: $14.15/year ($1.17/month)or $163.38 paid outright.

Action Needed!

Homeowners received an Expression of Interest letter regarding Decorative Street Lighting from the City of Edmonton in September. The deadline for returning this letter is November 15th, 2017.

Please remember to send it in! Decorative Street Lighting is an initiative that is only offered through Neighbourhood Renewal, therefore, this is Spruce Avenue’s one chance for this program.

You can scan or take a photo of your letter and email to or


If you have misplaced your letter, or have questions, you can contact Sue Buhler at or Verna Stainthorp at or by calling  780-479-8019.